More and more adults are entering into orthodontic treatment each year. Whether it's the first or second time in treatment, Insignia Advanced Smile Design is engineered with the latest technology that can best accommodate the adult patient. Insignia provides precise movement, comfortable treatment and often in less time (and fewer office appointments). Typical orthodontic treatment can last on average between 12 and 24 months, but each case is different. And- not everyone can achieve ideal results from a clear aligner product such as Invisalign.

Insignia allows orthodontists to create a treatment plan with fine detail. This plan is used to custom-manufacturer the braces to be used on your teeth. Customizing to fit your unique dental anatomy and customizing to meet your final result. That's Insignia.

Advantages to a customized Insignia approach:

  • You see a digital 3D computerized preview of your ideal smile.
  • Every aspect of your braces experience—from the brackets to the positioning to the adjustments—is customized to achieve that end goal.
  • Underlying problems are diagnosed earlier than with the traditional approach.
  • The overall time for treatment is approximately 25% less than traditional.

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