How long does treatment take?

Treatment time with Insignia is typically much faster than traditional braces! What's more, the number of office visits through treatment is often reduced and time in the office shortened. Perfect for busy schedules.

Since Insignia works faster does that mean it is less comfortable?

No. In fact, what makes Insignia work so quickly is the customized brackets and wires. Because your orthodontist builds a unique treatment plan for you and you alone, Insignia is far comfortable than traditional braces.

Are the results stable?

Yes. All teeth have a tendency to shift a bit after treatment. So, it is important to talk to your orthodontist about a retainer after your treatment is complete.

Braces are just a cosmetic concern right?

Not necessarily. Braces not only straighten teeth and produce a great smile, but they also align your bite so your teeth fit properly together. As a result your jaw, neck and shoulders are more accurately aligned providing a stable platform to support your facial features (cheeks, lips, etc.).

Aren't braces large and bulky?

Not Insignia braces. Because Insignia is an advanced technology it uses smaller, more comfortable braces. And the best part? Insignia is available in clear braces!

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